The 2022-23 CCCB Women's Basketball Team earned the Scholar Team award for the winter/spring season with a team GPA of 3.56.
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CCCB Women's Basketball earns NCCAA Scholar Team award

Greenville, S.C.

The National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) released its list of 2022-23 Winter/Spring Scholar Teams, with Central Christian College's women's basketball making the list of 42 NCCAA programs.

To be eligible for this award, teams need a minimum grade point average of 3.40 on a 4.00 scale for all combined student-athletes on the team for the combined fall and spring semesters. There are 21 institutions represented in the list of 42 Scholar Teams below.

Institution Sport GPA
Appalachian Bible College Women's Basketball 3.66
Carolina University Softball 3.56
Cedarville University Women's Outdoor Track & Field 3.52
Cedarville University Women's Tennis 3.62
Central Christian College of the Bible Women's Basketball 3.56
Crown College Men's Basketball 3.57
Emmaus Bible College Women's Basketball 3.75
Faith Baptist Bible College Women's Basketball 3.56
Grace College Women's Basketball 3.61
Grace College Women's Indoor Track & Field 3.62
Grace College Women's Outdoor Track & Field 3.60
Grace College Softball 3.45
Grace College Women's Tennis 3.57
Houghton University Women's Basketball 3.40
Houghton University Women's Tennis 3.80
Houghton University Men's Indoor Track & Field 3.43
Houghton University Women's Indoor Track & Field 3.65
Houghton University Men's Outdoor Track & Field 3.43
Houghton University Women's Outdoor Track & Field 3.59
Houghton University Softball 3.41
Houghton University Men's Tennis 3.49
Judson University Men's Tennis 3.55
Judson University Women's Tennis 3.65
Kentucky Christian University Softball 3.41
Lancaster Bible College Women's Track & Field 3.56
Lancaster Bible College Softball 3.44
Lancaster Bible College Women's Tennis 3.53
Mid-America Christian University Women's Basketball 3.71
Mid-America Christian University Softball 3.72
Oakland City University Softball 3.41
Southwestern Assemblies of God University Women's Basketball 3.48
Southwestern Assemblies of God University Softball 3.56
Southwestern Christian University Softball 3.49
Sterling College Women's Basketball 3.77
Sterling College Women's Tennis 3.61
Trinity Bible College Women's Basketball 3.74
Trinity Christian College Women's Outdoor Track & Field 3.71
Trinity Christian College Softball 3.43
University of Northwestern Women's Basketball 3.63
University of Northwestern Softball 3.51
University of Northwestern Men's Tennis 3.51
Warner University Women's Basketball 3.41